Our Services

Our Services


We provide all services for the recruitment of workers from Bangladesh as required by our overseas clients. The services that we are currently offering are:

Advertising                  : Advertise through leading National Bangla and English Newspaper

Interviewing                : Our human resources department arranges interviews

Preliminary Selection : Select the right candidate through trade testing

Medical Examination  : Proper Medical examination through selected medical centers

Passport                      : Arrange Passport for the selected candidates with correct profession.

Travel Arrangement   : Arrange Air ticket through our own IATA Approve Travel Agency.

Immigration               : Immigration clearance from the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare & Overseas Employment.

On receipt of requisition from overseas employers a careful scrutiny of the applications received and preliminary selection will be made bearing in mind the requirements of the employer on the basis trades/skills, aptitude, educational standards and physical fitness.

Express Services :

We are maintaining computerized data base job category for different occupation for immediate employment purpose. On receiving required visa document we arrange to send the workers within time frame of the employment.

The Selection Options :

To make the final selection we offer the following options for consideration by the client:

The entire selection process is left to WWHRPC, where a team of professional/experts will take on the full responsibility of providing the client the best work force as per the client job specification.

In case the principal/employer wishes to carry out the selection through their team of experts, we welcome the client’s team to visit our office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We shall provide all assistance in carrying out trade test/interview. All associate amenities are provided by WWHRPC.

Medical Check-Up :

We retain the services of the best hospitals and clinics of Bangladesh which are accredited by Expatriates Welfare & Overseas Employment and from the Embassies to conduct medical examination of all the personnel intending to work abroad. Examination includes HIV/AIDS test, Blood test, Chest X-Ray, Urine & Stool Test or any other kind of examination that might be requested by the client.

WWHRPC‘s philosophy, from the beginning, has been to offer customers qualified and experience personnel within their profession. Satisfying those needs has been key to WWHRPC’s success.

Follow Up :

With each new assignment, our workers have to work unfamiliar people, new procedures, and changing environments. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. This makes far more confident and better-prepared workers.

We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities, so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical checkup, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are taken care by us.

Feed Back from Client :

We keep in contact with the client at all the time and even later getting a feedback from the client and endeavoring to improve our system gives even service to the client.

Required Documents from Employers:

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Consular Letter
  4. Photo Copy of the Visa
  5. Employment Conditions:

The minimum age for workers in Bangladesh is 20 years in factories and establishments. Contractors are made usually in the form of a letter. Workers may also be engaged on verbal agreements. In government organization and in some private organizations as well a probation period exists for skilled or semi-skilled workers varying between three months to one year and during this period the either party may serve a month’s notice for termination from or giving up the job. The private sector, the dignity is ensured in accordance with the principals enunciated in the ILO convention and recommendations.

Settlement of Labour Dispute :

Contract or agreement is usually made between the management and the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) on settlement of industrial disputes as Provisions of Industrial Relations Ordinance 1969. In case a bipartite negotiation fails, conciliation machinery of the government is requested by the aggrieved party to in Process in undertaken. If it succeeds agreement is signed between the parties and the Conciliation Office becomes a witness. If it fails, the party raising the dispute may go for strike or lockout as the case may be. The government may, however prohibit the same after one month in the interest of essential

Services like :

  1. Electricity, Gas, Oil & Water Supply etc.
  2. Hospital & Ambulance
  3. Fire brigade
  4. Railway and
  5. Ports etc.

Working Hours :

Workers in the public or private sector remain right and a half hour daily (including half an hour for meal or rest) with Friday as weekly holiday making 48 working hours a week. Work in excess of these, is paid as overtime, the rates of overtime in 2 hours pay for 1-hour job.