Operation Method,

Understanding Your Needs,

We study the client requirement and discuss the details with their representative to obtain a complete understanding of the needs. If clients so desire, our executive may even visit them for formal discussion. We work closely with our customers, to clearly understand what their actual requirement is, so that we can grow our business relationship further. Then we ask the clients to submit documents like Agency Agreement, Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Employment Service Agreement etc.

Evaluation of Personnel

Our executive team takes over from here. We refer our existing network and receive immediate feedback on the availability of the required personnel. We make special effort to keep our database update and duly supplement it periodically. In order to widen our choices or to locate persons to meet client’s precise specifications, we may also advertise in the media or if necessary, resort to head hunt.

We scrutinize the resume/bio data received and shortlist the candidates based on merit and then invite them for an interview. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the job specification and match the meet the employer-employee equation, to avoid any disappointment due to a mismatch. This final short listed resume/bio data are dispatched to the employer for their final selection. 

Categories of workers:

We provide all categories of workers, highly skilled, specific skilled, semiskilled and unskilled:

Profession Description
Professional Civil Engineer Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical, Engineer Agricultural, Analyst/Specialist
Carpentry Work Furniture Carpenter, Joinery/Assembler Shuttering Carpenters and Helpers
Supervisor Land Surveyor, Mechanical, Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, Civil Supervisor, Agricultural Supervisor, Security Supervisor etc
Masonry Work Marble/ Chips/ Block/ Plaster Steel Fixer and Helper
Administrative/Clerical                 Manager Administrative Officer, Accountant, Camp Boss, Administrative Assistant, Store Keeper, Computer Operator Clerk / Typist and Time Keeper
Piping Work Plumber Industrial, Plumber Building and Helpers
Skilled & Unskilled Labour Laundry & Iron Man, General Labour, Cleaner Labour, Construction Labour, Garbage Man and Gardener


Electrical Work Electrician Industrial, Electrician Building, Electrical Motor, Rewinder and Helper.
Mechanical Work Mechanic Heavy Duty, Diesel Mechanic, Mechanic light Duty, Auto Petrol Mechanic, Auto Painter, Body Repairer, Welder and Tire Repairer
Operator/Driver Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Duty Driver, Light Duty Driver, Time Keeper
Super Market Manager, Accountant, Supervisor, Cashier, Store Keeper, Salesman, Computer Operator and Cleaner


School/College Teacher/Lecturer, Administrative Officer, Accountant, Store keeper, Secretary/Clerk, Computer Operator, Office Boy


Hospital Doctors, Admin. Officer, Warden, Pharmacists Nurse (Males/Female), Accountant, Store Keeper and Cashier


Security Commando, Body Guard, Security Personnel and Watchman


Hotel Manager, Accountant, Cook (continental), Indian/ Chinese, Cashier, Store Keeper, Time Keeper, Receptionist Steward, Cleaner, Room Boy and Gardener
Agricultural Skilled & Semiskilled Agriculture Worker


Training Center:

We are giving training in the following category:

  1. Welder                  6. Driver
  2. Carpenter             7. Technician
  3. Mason                  8. Mechanics
  4. Electrician            9.Computer Operator etc.
  5. Plumber